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Product introduction


(1) equipment type: dt-l-be05

(2) machine function: automatic marking of finished LED light strip

(3) detection speed: 20-50 m/min

(4) motor power: 1.5kw

(5) power supply type: 380V 50Hz

(6) machine noise: 80dB

(7) overall dimension: 1.6mx0.9mx1.8m

(8) weight :300KG

The finished product automatic marking machine dt-l-be05 is the latest product developed by our company. This equipment can realize the automatic marking of finished product lamp belt and can be used as a single machine or online with the lamp belt extruder. It is mainly suitable for the cutting position marking of low-voltage lamp belt.

1. Use visual detection system to detect the mark position;

2. Continuous marking to improve efficiency;

3. Stepper servo traction light belt, accurate position;

4. Automatic chief meter of encoder;

5. Can detect the head end and tail end of the soft substrate;

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