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Product introduction

T5 batten automatic testing & marking machine, can adapt to different specifications of T5 batten, high efficiency, reliable and stable operation, combine multi-function in one machine. Its features are as follows:

(1) the machine could be connected to other machine, or work alone with manual loading

(2) the main line runs with index, and the double-station design allows sufficient time to mark and test various parameters;

(3) testing items: insulation resistance testing, high pot test, power testing, no-light LED detected by CCD;

(4) automatic laser marking, either or both on batten side, PC cover;

(5) other functions: assembly grounding aluminum rivets 

(6) the machine can make quick changeover


(1) equipment model: dt-l-t504;

(2) scope of application: LED T5 bracket, with length ranging from 0.6m to 1.2m, aluminum bracket, iron bracket and plastic bracket;

(3) machine speed: 1200PCS/H;

(4) motor power: 0.75kw;

(5) power supply type: three-phase 380V AC;

(6) air source: 4-7 bar compressed air source;

(7) machine noise: less than 80dB;

(8) overall dimension: about 5500X1400X800mm,(length, width and height); Depending on the specific product;

(9) machine weight: 800kg;

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