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Product introduction

Product introduction:

Its features are as follows:

(1) glass tube feeding. The glass tube is carried up by the feeding chain from the feeding trolley.

(2) in the soft substrate and drive welding section, a drive plate is arranged on one side of the drive end of the glass tube to place a random chain, which circulates with the main line; Manually put the power drive board on the cable clamp and position the drive board and the soft light belt;

(3) automatic welding drive plate;

(4) manual inspection of solder joints and repair welding; Automatic downlink to assembly section;

(5) manually insert the drive plate into the glass tube and lamp socket;

(6) drive end lamp holder automatic dispensing;

(7) automatic loading and unloading, automatic glue dispensing and automatic cap covering without driving end;

(8) manually arrange the general direction of flow to the lower process and enter the drying area;

(9) fixed length of lamp tube; Lamp tube fixed length is to point to be covered to the end automatically by the mechanism;

(10) automatic calibration direction of lamp caps at both ends;

(11) automatic measurement of length and rejection;

(12) automatic needle grinding; Lamp foot automatic pressure point;

(13) automatic lighting test;

(14) reject defective products automatically;

(15) automatic blanking;

(16) the machine can quickly produce specifications of different lengths, with man-machine interface and production data acquisition function;


(1) equipment model: dt-l-t802;

(2) scope of application: LED T8 tube, with length ranging from 0.6m to 1.2m;

(3) machine speed: 1200PCS/H;

(4) main motor power: 1.5kw;

(5) power supply type: three-phase 380V AC;

(6) air source: 4-7 bar compressed air source;

(7) machine noise: less than 80dB;

(8) overall size: about 2000X2600 (maximum) X800mm,(length, width and height);

(9) machine weight: 1100kg;

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