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Product introduction

Product introduction:

UV lamp automatic exhaust machine, applied to UV production exhaust, automatic, high efficiency, low skill requirements of workers, multi-specification automatic production

Its features:

1. Automatic realization of liquid mercury, no need to connect mercury needle, avoid pollution;

2. The system is controlled by PLC, and any abnormality occurs in the operation, and the reason can be displayed, so as to timely troubleshoot the fault;

3. The vacuum pump adopts domestic and international famous brands to ensure the vacuum degree;

4. Friendly operation interface is designed to facilitate production;

5. The specification conversion can be easily converted, and the conversion into decomposition current can be easily achieved by using the program;

6. Use open fire to heat the glass tube to achieve better exhaust effect;

7. Simple training personnel can be generated, reducing the technical requirements for traditional workers.

Product parameters:

(1) equipment type: dt-l-uv01

(2) machine speed: 100pce/h

(3) product specifications: the length shall not exceed 350mm for all kinds of power

(4) motor power: 200W

(5) vacuum pump motor power: 3.2kw

(6) diffusion pump power: 1kw

(7) front mechanical pump: 2.2kw

(8) power supply type: three-phase 380V 50HZ

(9) machine noise: <80dB

(10) origin: 0.6-0.8mpa

(11) gas consumption: 2 cubic meters/hour

(12) overall dimension: 2000*1000*1600

(13) weight: 1000kg

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