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Product introduction

Product introduction:

T5 automatic packing machine was developed to pack all type of T5 batten with length in the range of 0.3m to 1.2 m:

1. The equipment is easy to operate and has very stable performance;

2. The machine speed can be easily changed by changing Hz in frquency conversion;

3. Quick changeover on types

4. Equiped with MES system, the data is recorded and automatically generate production report.


(1) equipment name :T5 automatic packing machine

(2) equipment model: dt-l-t505

(3) product specifications: applicable to 300/600/900/1200mm T5 lamps of various specifications

(4) production speed :1400~1500pce/h

(5) carton material requirement :250g-350g paper jam

(6) power supply type: three-phase 380V

(7) air pressure: 0.5-0.7mpa

(8) power :7kw

(9) machine noise :<80DB

(10) overall dimension :LXWXH:6000X3400X1600MM

(11) weight :3000KG

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