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Product introduction


(1)Equipment type: DT-L-PA01

(2)Production speed: 200-300 lamp/hour (vary with the number of screw)

(3)Flat panel dimensions: 600 mm X 600 mm, 300 mm X 300 mm, 300 mm X 600 mm, 300 mm X 1200 mm, 600 mm X 1200 mm

(4)Motor power: 0.8KW

(5)Power type: 380V 50Hz

(6)Screw feeding mode: follow-up automatic feeding to avoid screw time loss

(7)Gas source: 0.5-0.8 MPa

(8)Gas consumption: 5000M/H

(9)Size: 5.5MX1.3MX1.5M

(10)Whole machine weight: 1200KG

DT-L-PA01 was developed to automatically lock screw on Panel lamp. It is suitable for whole serie of flat lamp and panel lamp.

1. It can automatically lock screws on flat lamp or panel lamp with high efficiency and high pass rate.

2. Screws are conventional screw with gasket.

3. The machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment to form a complete production line.

4  The machine can work on whole serie of panel or flat lamp

5. Quck changeover

6. Equipped with MES system, automatic record data and generate production report

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