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Product introduction


(1) equipment type: dt-l-t503

(2) production speed: 1200 hours

(3) aging time: 30 minutes

(4) T5 dimensions: 600,900,1200

(5) motor power: 1.5kw

(6) power supply type: 380V 50Hz

(7) machine noise: 80dB

(8) air source: 0.6-0.8mpa

Gas consumption 

(9) : 1000 m з/H

(10) overall dimension: 12mx1.7mx1.5m

(11) weight: 4000KG

T5 support automatic aging machine dt-l-t503 is a mature product developed by our company. It has wide application range, high efficiency and stable operation. It is suitable for automatic aging of T5 support lamps with lengths of 600, 900 and 1200.

(1) T5 bracket aging and automatic loading and unloading can be completed automatically.

(2) the system is controlled by PLC with data monitoring and statistical output: startup time monitoring, production capacity monitoring, defect rate monitoring, equipment fault information, etc.

(3) aging of any partition. Aging voltage 110v-250v, frequency 50-60hz.

(4) the machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment to form a complete production line.

(5) the machine can be used according to the different requirements of users, can be replaced product specifications, adjustment and debugging is simple, suitable for a large number of single varieties of production. At the same time, the top surface of the machine can also be manually aging small batch varieties.

(6) the outer surface of the body adopts baking lacquer panel.

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