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Product introduction

Product parameters:

(1)Equipment name: Electrical Socket Assembly Line

(2)Equipment model: dt-e-es01

(3)Product specification: electrical switch socket base box

(4)Production speed: 2000~2500pce/h

(5)Power supply type: three-phase 380V

(6)Air pressure: 0.5-0.7mpa

(7)Power: 2kw

(8)Machine noise: <80DB

(9)Overall dimension: LXWXH:1200X600X1200MM

(10)Weight: 1000KG

Product introduction:

This equipment has the following characteristics:

1. The equipment is easy to operate and stable in performance;

2. Adopt internationally renowned brand robots;

3. Monitor actions with various types of sensors, automatically stop the machine when abnormal operation occurs, and display the fault location on the operation panel for troubleshooting;

4. With counting function, it can display the quantity and qualified rate of output and feed;

5. This function can realize automatic code spraying, automatic turnover, automatic loading and unloading switch socket assembly line;

6. The device adopts the synchronous belt transmission mode, the station can be changed quickly and the production can be changed quickly.

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