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Product introduction


(1) equipment type: dt-l-be01

(2) machine function: Automatic inspection with CCD and automatic rolling.

(3) Capacity ( inspection and rolling at same time ): 100-120 m/min.

(4) Inspection method: automatic inspection with CCD.

(5) Detect item: bad LED without light or dark.

(6) Repairing method: manual.

(7) rolling mode: automatic

(8) motor power: 1KW

(9) power supply type: 380V 50Hz

(10) machine noise: 80dB

(11) air source: 0.2-0.6mpa Gas consumption 

(12) : 0.1 M з/H

(13) overall dimension: 5mx1.5mx2m

(14) weight: 1000KG

Automatic CCD inspection and automatic rolling machine DT - L - BE02 is our newly developed products, the machine is very stable and easliy operated, it couldn't miss any defect:

1. Adopt CCD technology;

2. High efficiency (capacity: 100-120m/min);

3. Be cable of inspecting wide range of LED flexible belt, including RGB, Bi-row and Tri-row LED;

4. Push botton to make changeover

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